F*ck money, f*ck fame, b*tch we’re mediocre.

Gürl are antipop:

Alt rock barely comes close to describing Gürl. Bubblegum razorblades, butcher knife Froot Loops, Katy Perry meets Sleep Token: Gürl are antipop.

Hailing from Bristol and founded in the rebellious spirit of 2020 by two bois with one stipulation: to call themselves Gürl -for no other reason than "it looks good on a t-shirt". Thus, Gürl was born, swiftly carving out their niche with a sound that's as unmistakable as their name. Their music—a riotous blend of heavy alt rock, peppered with scandalous lyrics, diva-worthy choruses, and stadium-sized guitars, all stitched together with the sleek, trap production.

November 2022 marked the debut of their EP 'OUIJA,' earning airtime on prestigious platforms such as BBC1 Introducing Rock, BBC1 Future Alternative, and Kerrang! Radio. 'OUIJA' was a declaration, featuring the electrifying guest performance by Jodie Robinson from IOTA and a beauty-and-the-beast duet with Timo Schwämmlein from OCEANS. This release solidified Gürl's place at the vanguard of the UK's alternative rock scene.

Following relentless touring in the UK, playing The Great Escape's and opening for acts like ALT BLK ERA, Bronnie, and Bloxx, Gürl rose further by signing with Circular Wave Records and Marshall Live Agency in early 2023.

Now, poised to unleash their next daring chapter, the "Parma Violence" EP is set to be released on May 10th, 2024. This collection showcases a collab with emo TikTok superstar BRONNIE as the perfect ‘Evil Twin’, a darkly delicious Halloween anthem, ‘HEXY’, the extravagant ‘Bitch I’m Fashion’, and ‘Boys In The 90s’, an ode filled to the brim with '90s pop iconography. Brace yourself: Gürl isn't just going hard; they're redefining the very essence of alt-rock and antipop.

Gürl are:

Josh Dalton - vocals

Jonny Turner - guitar

Jay Parker - bass

Tom John - drums

‘I can’t just be loved, I need to be eaten’: vocalist and lyricist Joshua Dalton cares about words and means what he says. Following his father’s death, he found his road to Damascus by realising that each time he found himself in a dark place, he turned to music: ‘Every fight, every sleepless night, every break-up: music is this unrelenting, limitless, untameable source of joy.’

Guitarist Jonny Turner thinks about little other than, well, playing the guitar. The co-founder, co-writer and co-producer alongside Joshua has honed his skills in countless bands and shows, learning to translate electric shocks received while playing rural Romania bars directly into the energy he now projects on stage.

Joining the Gürl group in the scorching summer of 2022, Jay Parker turns up both temperature and volume with four strings plus attitude. Creative from the get-go, she received her first guitar (a pink baby strat, of course) as a backcombed, eyelinered, skinny-jean-wearing teenage scene kid – a gift from her parents, alongside early inspiration ranging from Missy Elliot to Green Day and Pink Floyd. Though Jay has since graduated in fashion communication and also shines as a model, stylist, photographer, baker, and connaisseur of salty snacks, her calling is and has always been music, with all the sweat, tears, and blistered fingers that come with it.

To complete the Gürl family, Thomas John rings in 2024 with a bang (quite literally). After watching Travis Barker in Blink 182’s “All The Small Things” music video at age 2, he instantly fell in love with rock music and knew what his lifelong passion would be. In his own words, "Drumming has always been an escape from any issues that I faced in life and allowed me to focus all my energy on something constructive.” If you've seen Gürl live, you know he's serious when he talks about energy…

  • Joshua.

    I can’t just be loved, I need to be eaten.

  • Jonny.

    Have you got something French?

  • Jay.

    She splits the crowd and eclipses the sun.

  • Tom.

    Fresh blood.

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